Chiropractic treatment

Our Approach

At Adapt Performance, we provide the best in musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment through an evidence-informed, reality-based approach to injury management and prevention.

An extensive understanding of biomechanics and the human form shapes our approach, enabling us to be proactive and responsive when it comes to your healthcare. We deliver an active, and patient-centred treatment model that is collaborative and multimodal, utilising a variety of soft tissue and gentle myofascial techniques throughout a longer treatment session.

We recognise that rehabilitation and exercise are key to promoting long-term musculoskeletal health.

Our Staff

Carla Sullivan-Myers – B Sc Chiro M Chiro M Res (Dist) 

Carla completed her undergraduate and post-graduate training at Macquarie University. In 2017, she completed a Masters by Research degree which explored the role that self-care and exercise plays in the progression of breast cancer-related lymphoedema, and she will continue this research throughout her PhD which is due to commence in July of 2018.

She has a keen interest in post-surgical rehabilitation and the management of chronic pain. Carla’s management style mirrors the goals and values of each patient specifically. Her approach encourages her patients to be confident and independent in the way they manage their musculoskeletal health.

For more information or to Book in an initial consultation contact Carla Sullivan-Myers on:

0451 783 441

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